Schmuck of the Week

Pregnant Woman Sues After Health Club Staffer Caught Spying on Her in Shower've just been caught using your phone to capture video of a pregnant woman in a health-club shower.

Do you acknowledge your creepy actions and beg for forgiveness? Or do you run like hell and hope you don't get caught?

According to a just-filed lawsuit, a health-club worker in Colorado Springs chose neither of these options.

Instead, he allegedly turned to his accuser and said, "Indeed" — which is why he's our most recent Schmuck of the Week nominee.

The story comes to us from the Colorado Springs Gazette, which notes that the incident in question took place between midnight and 2 a.m. on December 27 of last year at Life Time Fitness, a "posh health club in northeast Colorado Springs" that's open 24 hours a day.

The suit maintains that Kristen Roth, the pregnant woman in question, was showering in a private booth in a dressing room accessible to both men and women when her husband, Richard Gallion caught the unidentified employee holding his cell phone at or under the gap beneath the booth's door.

Attorney Phil Winegar tells the Gazette that Gallion then asked the equivalent of, "Did I walk into the family locker room and see you videotaping my wife naked in the shower?" To that, the employee allegedly said, "Indeed," but claimed he was only looking at Roth's feet.

This didn't strike Roth and Gallion as a satisfactory response, so they complained to managers at the club and expected they'd soon be contacted by police about the matter.

No such call came, and now, the couple is suing the club for failing to report the offense to authorities. Roth and Gallion didn't do so themselves, attorney Winegar says, because they were humiliated and just wanted to get out of there — and they figured the club would take it from there.

Does this appear to have been an incorrect assumption? Indeed.

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