Pro Wrestler Sheamus Among Those Scared Sh*tless on Diverted DIA Flight

What do you do if you think you're about to die in a plane crash in 2015?

Tweet a selfie of you wearing an oxygen mask, of course.

A number of passengers on a United flight scheduled to fly from Denver International Airport to Los Angeles did just that.

Included among them: Sheamus, a tough-as-nails World Wrestling Entertainment personality, who admitted in his message that there aren't "many brave lads" when oxygen masks drop.

According to CBS4, whose report is on view below, reports that the flight was diverted to Grand Junction for an emergency landing due to smoke in the cockpit proved untrue. No smoke was found.

Instead, what's described as a "medical event" involving one passenger caused others to start feeling sick, prompting the pilot to deploy the masks and head for GJ.

Shortly thereafter, Twitpics of the scene began popping up, including this one from passenger Niles Emerick....

...and one from David Schamis:

As for the famous Sheamus, WWE fans are used to seeing him take aggressive action, as in this screen capture from an April bout in which his foot says hello to opponent Zack Ryder's chops:

But yesterday, he showed a more vulnerable side in the following tweet:

The flight was greeted by the Grand Junction Fire Department, which tweeted a photo of its own noting that one person was hospitalized after landing:

Otherwise, no one was hurt, and the tweeted photos have become mementos of a harrowing experience rather than final images.

Look below to see the aforementioned CBS4 piece, as well as a report from KCAL in Los Angeles and, just for fun, the clip from that Sheamus/Zack Ryder bout.

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