Raiders fans hate JaMarcus Russell -- but Broncos fans love him!

We should never root for a player to get hurt: It's bad sportsmanship, and bad karma. But there's nothing wrong with appreciating the repercussions of an injury -- like, for instance, the Oakland Raiders' current quarterback turmoil leading into this weekend's game against the Broncos.

The silver-and-black attack was looking much improved under Bruce Gradkowski, but he's hurt and probably won't play on Sunday. That should mean JaMarcus Russell starts, and that would make Broncos boosters' dreams come true, since he blows like a category-five hurricane.

Unfortunately, Raiders coach Tom Cable has figured that out, too, which is why he hasn't committed to Russell, who's now joined in the locker room by another castoff quarterback, J.P. Losman. But just because JaMarcus has become the most despised man in Raiders nation -- check out the reaction in the clip above -- is no reason not to give him one more chance.

Why? The Broncos need a win, and Russell under center makes that even more likely to happen than it was before. So three cheers for JaMarcus! You may be despised in Oakland, but Denver is rooting for you!

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