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Rape threats or "grape" threats? Bizarre arrest of high school student, alleged Hitler lover

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This week, Mitchell Kusick, a student at Grand Junction's Colorado Mesa University, was busted for allegedly threatening to kill President Barack Obama and trick or treaters. And now, an unnamed high school student in Junction has been cuffed for threats of his own involving rape (or, according to him, "grape"), murder and, yes, Halloween-related attacks. See the bizarre affidavit below.

According to the report, a representative of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office was called to Grand Junction Central High School on November 9 in regard to possible threats made a couple of days earlier. There, she spoke to an unnamed student, who shared the twisted details of a conversation she had with the suspect during a sixth-hour literacy class when, conveniently, the teacher was out of the classroom.

At that time, the student said, the suspect told her he was going to wait outside her house so that he could rape her -- after which he would impale her and put her corpse on top of his house to scare the neighborhood children, against whom he appeared to have a beef as well. He reportedly told her that on Halloween, he'd wanted to burn trick or treaters with acid and then stab them while their parents watched them die.

The deputy subsequently had a separate chat with another student, who shared similarly disturbing claims said to have been made by the suspect. For instance, he allegedly said he wanted to rape all the girls in class and cut them into pieces; expressed an interest in raping children, too; complained that the human race wasn't intelligent enough for him; and had started proclaiming "Long live Hitler" after the class took up the subject of the Holocaust.

More assertions from a third student: The suspect allegedly said that when he grows up, he's going to "rape little girls in his basement and be a murderer as a side job." And while he claimed he'd been joking the next day, student three recalls him following with the line, "Maybe it's not a joke. You guys are lucky you are still alive."

A fourth student heard additional dark statements, including the suspect's announcement that he would be the next ruler of the world and would control it by force. Plus, after he told one girl, "I'm going to rape you," he allegedly grabbed his nipples and began licking his lips.

And what did the suspect have to say for himself?

Continue for more about the arrest of the Grand Junction Central High School student, including the arrest affidavit. The report quotes him as denying that anything untoward had happened during a conversation with the deputy. For instance, he said he hadn't told the girls he was going to rape them, but that he would "grape them," and he'd simply been misunderstood.

He'd talked about being a "grapist," not a rapist, he insisted.

When the deputy stressed how important it was that he be honest with her, the document says he freaked out, yelling that he wanted an attorney and invoking his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

A unique strategy -- and one he'll get a chance to try out in the court system, since he was promptly taken into custody on four menacing charges.

The student is reportedly in the custody of Grand Junction's Division of Youth Corrections at this writing.

Here's the arrest affidavit.

Grand Junction Central High School Student Affidavit

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