Rapping With Rory

You might think it's hard for a 24-year-old who doesn't binge-drink or do drugs and is staying celibate until marriage to relate to the rest of Gen Y. But Rory Vaden is down, as evidenced by this April 12 entry on his blog, titled "Discipline of Rap":

Believe it or not, one of my heroes is Eminem. Before you wig out because he and I don't have a lot in common; let me explain. I believe rap music is one of the most Disciplined professions that exists today. I'm not talking about what these people do in their free time or in the messages they convey, but if you look past the meaning of the words you will see beauty in the amount of time that they put into word-smithing and crafting phrases and rewriting for hours and hours to get what they want. I thought my message would most appropriately be conveyed with a rap of my own

I'm the voice of this poise, that destroys all the noise, of these boys, who just rap, and just act, and who give us this crap, they did this; they did that, when the matter of fact, it's just riff, it's just raff, now their under attack, from me, Rory V, to tell the story, that it ain't sex with these hoes, don't break no one's nose, don't throw any bows, that's not the success of the best, put the lyrics to rest, tell the truth, that it's you, who is to do, what you do, when you do what you do, it is strife after strife, how you got the nightlife, that we see, on TV, wonder why it's not me, but the key is to be, the best you can be, put all you have in, to be Disciplined, rappers create a system, day out and day in, always put the workin, to what their spittin', take it line by the line, rewrite-en they rhymes, their spending the time, look past all their crimes, take the lesson in, that we learn from them, that Discipline is in, that's what it takes, to be made, to be one of the greats, let's put into our lives, what they put in their songs, we can be so strong, keep on movin on, keep on going long, yeah don't stop now, Discipline is how, the time is now!

In other words, even though rappers are often shady people, there is a lesson for all of us to be learned by appreciating the Discipline that is required by their craft and the time they spend formulating creative and impact-full phrases.

DISCIPLINE DAILY DOUBLE: 1. Try to find and appreciate the Discipline in someone or something that you have never seen before. 2. Think about something going on in your life where you could be empowered by applying the kind of careful meticulousness that singers and songwriters often put into word-smithing.

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Adam Cayton-Holland