Read Theater Shooter's Google Chats With Ex-GF: "What I Feel Like Doing Is Evil"

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Amid the ongoing trial of Aurora theater shooter James Holmes, the court hearing the case has released a number of previously unavailable documents to the public.

The items include a notebook Holmes sent to psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton, which featured a section entitled "Insights Into the Mind of Madness."

The latest evidentiary item features several pages of Google chats between Holmes, who's accused of killing twelve people and injuring seventy others at the Aurora Century 16 movie theater in July 2012, and his ex-girlfriend, Gargi Datta.

Much of the online conversation between Holmes and Datta, who recently testified at the trial, is ordinary in the extreme, with plenty of references to pop culture.

Among the topics are a debate over which Will Ferrell movie is funniest (Holmes prefers Old School, Datta likes Anchorman the best) and Holmes boasting about his "sexy neo body and arnold voice."

Also discussed are McDonald's fries, Slurpees and Holmes' belief that Qdoba is "10x > than Chipotle."

But the banality of these exchanges is simply prelude for the final portion of the transcript, which subtly drifts into a discussion of evil and murder.

Here's the key excerpt from these pages, with Holmes identified by the e-mail address dsherlockb@gmail.com and Datta ID'd as "me."

dsherlockb@gmail.com: I am debating whether to sleep, skyrim or read.

me: skyrim!
slay those damn dragons

dsherlockb@gmail.com: I would n all but it probably won't be very useful for the future

me: how much is reading or sleeping going to help?

dsherlockb@gmail.com: More than video games I suppose

me: Its something fun that you like to do, go ahead do it, fuck the future for once
do what you feel like doing, its a sunday afternoon

dsherlockb@gmail.com: Well what I feel like doing is evil so can't do that

me: what do you feel like doing?

dsherlockb@gmail.com: Video games are the next best thing through escapism

me: what is so evil that you want to do?

dsherlockb@gmail.com: Kill people of course

me: killing people is too much effort, you'll end up locked up
most people are not worth what might happen to you coz of the act

dsherlockb@gmail.com: Thats why you kill many people

me: even then, at least personally im selfish and have too much of an idea of self-importance
most people arent worth jack shit
even if you go postal, whats it worth? what do you gain?

dsherlockb@gmail.com: There's no way to do it and not get caught
The only way justice can be served is by taking away your time or life

me: why do you care so much about justice?

dsherlockb@gmail.com: If you wait to kill until the end of your life, than there is nothing to lose

me: but why would you want to kill
as in why would you decide this is the end, and kill
when you could live more, experience more things?
why would those people be worth ending your life?

dsherlockb@gmail.com: It's the end then though, no more experiences

me: why?
how do you decide that is the end

dsherlockb@gmail.com: Aight, you want play some dom?

me: sometime today I gotta finishup some stuff ive to send strong
but after that we can
ill keep you posted

dsherlockb@gmail.com: ciao

The entire document is below. The chats begin on page fourteen, with the section above beginning near the top of page 30. It's followed by a 7News video of Datta's testimony at trial.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.