Reader: $29,000 Per Year Isn't Enough for an Adequate Standard of Living in Denver

Reader: $29,000 Per Year Isn't Enough for an Adequate Standard of Living in Denver

The responses to our post about how much Denverites need to earn to have an adequate standard of living were fascinating.

The data contained in the piece came from a new study from the Economic Policy Institute.

E.P.I. used the most recent data available to come up with salary amounts for people in a wide variety of circumstances.

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Included among them: childless couples, single parent households with between one and four kids and more.

The number that got the most attention, though, was $28,829 — the amount designated as the adequacy line for single people.

Lots of our readers felt this figure was unrealistically low.

Here's a comment that illustrates this view.

Leah Miller writes:

After taxes your looking at bringing home 1800/month with this suggestion for a single person. 1500/month for rent, another 80 for Xcel, 80 for a phone, and cable or Internet... How do you have money to eat? To save? Let's hope you don't have a car and insurance to pay for, too. Or... any other expenses, like a pet! No way you can live off 29k. I work 2 jobs and can barely get by!

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