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Reader: Alcohol is More of a Hardcore Drug Than Marijuana

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is sick and tired of the federal government demonizing marijuana.

Indeed, Warren recently sent a letter to assorted agencies encouraging them to study whether the use of medical marijuana might help address the opiate epidemic.

A number of our readers agreed with Warren's supposition.

To this correspondent, who discounts the idea that marijuana is a gateway drug and feels a legal substance is considerably riskier than cannabis.

Kathy Wedzik writes:
Cocaine addicts became pill addicts which became meth addicts which became flakka addicts which have become heroin addicts. All cheaper than weed. People who do these are those who prefer hardcore drugs. Cannabis is not a hardcore drug. Alcohol is more hardcore than cannabis. Cannabis is great for many things but can it satisfy an addicts addiction to hardcore substances? If it could it would have already if it weren't for drug testing which is easier to pass with hard core drugs then Lil ole cannabis as cannabis attaches to your bodies natural endocannaboid system and stays put and is detected in test even without recent use or being impaired.
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