Reader: Anyone Who Doesn't Think Denver Is Beautiful Must Be an Ignorant Hater
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Reader: Anyone Who Doesn't Think Denver Is Beautiful Must Be an Ignorant Hater

In a recent Comment of the Day, a reader argued that there isn't shit to see in Denver if you came from a more beautiful city.

We expected some push-back regarding this opinion, and we were right.

Plenty of folks argued that Denver is definitely an attractive place above and beyond its proximity to the glories of nature throughout the rest of the state.

Here's an example.

Raul Permuy writes:

Shit, Denver is one of The most beautiful city that I have ever seen, and I am a well traveled person, been to Europe (Spain, France, Italy, etc). There's so much to see and do in Denver. Just to start, it has one of the most beautiful structures: Look at museum of Denver. It has a beautiful view of mountains. Damn, who ever said some shit like that about Denver  has to be an ignorant hater. I'm from Puerto Rico, a beautiful island, but it's a different kind of beauty. The mountains from Colorado are beautiful red rocks. The mountains from PR are, different type of mountains. Each place and person has unique beauty of their own. You can't compare oranges with apples. There's no place like Colorado, there's no place like PR. I love Colorado. I love PR as part of me. And I got to meet so many beautiful, nice people in Colorado. Thank you!

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