Reader: Bars Will Lose a Ton on Drink Sales If They Let People Smoke Weed

A recent Comment of the Day argued that Denver officials don't want pot bars, but the people do.

This take led to more discussion about how social marijuana use regulations might work in Denver — including the ways that alcohol and cannabis consumption might coexist.

This reader foresees problems, but offers a solution.

One that involves venues that sell marijuana for use instead of simply providing a place for folks to smoke it.

Jay Brown writes:

Bars will lose a ton on drink sales if they let people smoke weed, not to mention people will be twice as trashed and very likely become a problem. If ya ask me It doesn't make sense for nightclubs unless they sell joints or something. Now if they serve food and its not just a drinking establishment that makes more sense to have a patio/room to smoke in... But a standalone pot bar that only serves pot is a yes in my book....

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