Reader: Brian Dawkins lived his faith without jamming it down anyone's throat

Our tribute to the Broncos' Brian Dawkins, who announced his retirement via Twitter yesterday, made note that he's as strong a Christian in his own way as is his former teammate, Tim Tebow.

One reader admires everything about Dawkins, including the way he approached his faith.

Eric writes:

What a class act.

Dawkins really did, even at his advanced age, make Denver's defense play above their level most of the time.

But if a 38 year old safety starts, anywhere, for any team, it means the team doesn't have a lot of talent.

Not good, not bad, just the way it is.

But what I always found so compelling about his story was how he consistently played at a high level, no matter the talent around him, even as he got older.

As for his religiosity, he was the real deal. Never a carnival barker, pitchman, or shill for anybody's evangelical for profit industrial concern, Brian was a true leader and an inspiration those of us that repect faith as what it is...comforting, reassuring, and most of all, private.

He'll be successful anywhere, doing anything, from here on out as well.

But he'll do it without jamming it down everybody's throat.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.