Reader: Classroom discussion posters from '70s aren't bizarre, so don't tweak my flow!

Yesterday, we shared a collection of weird classroom "discussion posters" from 1973, featuring slogans ranging from "You're O.K., and I'm O.K." to "What is the purpose?"

One reader's response to the gallery was definitely appropriate to the era.

Tweak my flow? writes:

Dang dude -- what a drag. Why you want to tweak my flow? These are groovy messages for kids to learn. But I'm like, really, like do you really like find these offensive and bizarre dude? Really uncool. I mean, like, really... I wish the kiddies had more of these positive vibes in their worlds. Free to be, you and me, like really dude.

For more memorable takes, visit our Comment of the Day archive.

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