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Reader: Colorado Would Be Better Off Testing Stoned Driving With Doritos

We recently posted about a new American Automobile Association study that concluded that Colorado's marijuana driving standard, which establishes intoxication at 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood, is not based on science.

This came as no surprise to many of our readers.

Cannabis advocates have long argued that the 5-nanogram limit was inspired more by the political desire to be seen as doing something about stoned driving than actual research or facts.

This commenter suggests an alternative testing method that he feels would be just as effective — or ineffective, as the case may be.

Zach Mckinnon writes:
You will stay at 5 nanograms for days after smoking. You will usually be around 500 ng two days after smoking. There is no way to test it. Well, they could offer you Doritos and if you eat the whole bag, then they can charge you for being high whole driving. But usually after eating, the high is gone. So no DUI?

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