Reader: Cops Should Protect Families from Gangs, Not Bust Pot Smokers

Our post about a weekend murder that killed a mourner at the funeral of Abdul Muhammad, who was slain earlier this month, upset a lot of our readers.

Police had earlier told community members that Muhammad's killing wasn't gang-related. But the latest death raised new questions in the mind of many commenters.

This reader thinks law enforcement could be doing more and questions the use of resources.

Here's what he had to say.

Kevin Mahmalji writes:

For the past couple of months, I've urged council members along with the Mayor to host a series of Town Hall meetings to discuss the eruption of gang-related violence in Denver, but they opted for a "Unity March" instead. Just another example of the lack of leadership in our city. Maybe we should consider making better use of our police force. Instead of directing them to harass and ticket non-violent marijuana consumers at Civic Center park, they could be patroling our communities protecting Denver families. Mayor Hancock's misguided war against marijuana consumers is causing our city more harm than good.... While they're busy responding to complaints about public consumption or the smell of marijuana, our neighborhoods are left unsupervised and defenseless against street gangs.

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