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Reader: Cops Tell Me Not Having to Arrest People for Pot Has Relieved Their Stress

We recently posted about an anti-pot Colorado cop's address to lawmakers in Nebraska, where legislation allowing medical marijuana has been introduced.

Among other things, Thornton Police Department Sergeant James Gerhardt, the law-enforcer in question, maintained that legalization of limited cannabis sales in Colorado is actually draining police resources rather than freeing them up so that cops can investigate more serious crimes.

This and other assertions were questioned by many of our readers.

Consider this post, whose author says other police officers with whom he's spoken are actually happy not to be busting as many marijuana users as they once did.

Scott Cheatham writes:
Law enforcement has far greater things to worry about like keeping downtown safe for families who choose to go there. I've talked to several police officers who tell me it has taken a lot of stress off their plates for jailing people for something that has no real effect on anyone but the user. Tobacco changes a person's mood also and people who try to quit smoking get aggravated and many times drink excessively and then drive a car. It's relative to what the person does after. Driving while high is stupid but most people I know who are using it do it in their homes, quietly, and go to bed. They don't do anything stupid like I've seen alcoholics do. This cop needs to get over himself. I don't smoke or drink and I don't care to but it's going to be legal nationwide soon. Greedy politicians have now seen more money coming as a result and they can't bear to lose a revenue stream as easy as this one. While the pot smokers will see it as liberation, it's not. It's just the machine allowing another vice to generate their cash.....
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