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Reader: Denver Is Already Too Crowded and It's Only Getting Worse

A recent list in which Denver was ranked as one of the ten worst places to live in Colorado inspired plenty of readers to stand up for the Mile High City on the original post and a subsequent Comment of the Day.

However, there was also a fair amount of criticism directed at Denver.

Here's an example from a reader, who isn't thrilled by the influx of new residents, among other things.

However, he acknowledges that there's good news in Denver as well.

Here's what he had to say.

Martin V. KnifeChief writes:
Denver is being overloaded with human beings...they are building on every square inch of land they can get their hands on...building crappy box-like structures to 'house' more people...with very high rents....our roads are sub-standard and taxes are high...despite the collection of money from pot and gambling. Our air, from fracking and the volume of cars, is terrible....on and on for the negative. BUT you can say positive things too...

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