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Reader: Denver's Snow Removal Is a Bad Joke

We marked the most recent round of snow to hit the Mile High City with videos from Learn 2 Drive Denver, which is dedicated to rooting out dumbasses on the road.

And during a previous storm, we shared the top twenty tweets about bad roads, lack of snow plows and weather douches.

But one of our readers has a beef with local public-works departments even when the flakes aren't falling. He argues that plowing in Denver and other Front Range communities is so lax that the remnants of previous weather events continue to linger for far longer than is necessary.

Here's what he has to say.

Daniel Martinez writes:
Want a good joke? How about Denver's snow removal (or lack of). The Front Range first responders are practicing "Blizzard" conditions when they should be practicing snow plowing. I still have ice from the first two blizzards. Does the Front Range have a snow plan? How about using taxes from pot or gambling? Too simple?

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