Reader: Dispensaries Must Treat Pot Tourists Right — Including Ignorant Ones
Photo by Brandon Marshall

Reader: Dispensaries Must Treat Pot Tourists Right — Including Ignorant Ones

A recent Comment of the Day found a dispensary worker expressing frustration with tourists who wave their cannabis cock around — meaning folks who think they're marijuana experts when they actually have a lot to learn.

The post received a big response, with plenty of readers who work in the industry expressing similar opinions.

In addition, we heard from someone who feels employees need to do all they can not to alienate those who travel to the area because of ganja.

Here's her take.

Abby Hauck writes:

That's an incredibly rude statement. Weed tourists are coming to our state (and bringing with them pockets full of tourist money) to experience this new industry first-hand, and oftentimes want to feel like they are a part of it (especially those who cannot do so at home).

It is a budtender's job to not only educate them, but to make the experience memorable so that they will return. It's called customer service and it is vitally important to building a solid industry model. It doesn't matter if you get frustrated. You have a job to do. If you don't like it, there are plenty of jobs trimming and packaging.

Send your story tips to the author, Michael Roberts.For more memorable takes, visit our Comment of the Day archive.

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