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Reader: Drivers should not cooperate with drug enforcement checkpoints

Our post about a new approach by the Westminster Police Department involving a drug enforcement checkpoint on I-25 last week riled up plenty of readers.

Here's one example: a call for civil disobedience.

Monkey writes:

PLEASE, everyone who sees this crap should pull out and leave. Yes, they will follow you and pull you over, but they are doing that anyway. Pull them away from the checkpoint so many times that the checkpoint no longer exists. People who say or think, "I don't have drugs, so who cares" should understand that submission to these things is counterproductive. We do not have to prove our innocence. Cops have better things to do then sniff random cars. Pull away from the scene, get pulled over and prove your innocence. They are used to criminals pulling away, not innocent people. Show them their game will not work. Waste their time like they want to waste yours. PLEASE, all law abiding sober people, please refuse these checkpoints. They are a crime against society.

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