Reader: Frontier Isn't As Bad as These Two Other Airlines

We recently posted about a new Department of Transportation report in which Frontier ranked poorly in consumer complaints.

Indeed, the number and rate of complaints more than doubled over the course of a year.

But was all the griping justified?

Based on the experiences of this reader, who had worse luck with two other carriers during a recent trip, the answer to that question is a firm "no."

Molly Martin writes:

Just flew Frontier for the first time in a while. Also flew American on the same trip and was on a Delta flight until they pushed my departure time almost 12 hours (to the middle of the night), which is how I ended up on the last minute American flight. Of all three, Frontier was the best to deal with. Cheap ticket, $25 for 1 checked bag (same as American), I didn't pay for the seat and — shocker — was perfectly fine in a middle seat for a three-hour flight. I brought a water bottle through security, filled it up by the gate and — another shocker — managed to sit through three hours without a free soda. The worst part of the flight? Fellow passengers loudly bitching about the lack of freebies. People will always find something to complain about. On a long flight, the lack of a reclining seat may be an issue, but for shorter trips, just temper your expectations and enjoy that cheap airfare.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.