Reader: Global warming protest just shows these kids are doops!

Young environmental activists are convening in Denver this week, leading a march on the State Capitol tomorrow. Part of a nationwide movement pushed by more than forty organizations, particularly iMatter and Earth Guardians, the youthful protest will back up its message with lawsuits filed against the feds and all fifty states.

But spelling-impaired Bilbo did not warm to the efforts of the youthful activisits, posting this in response to news of their efforts:

Attention enviro-retards, global warming was invented so as to allow the elite of the world the excuse to trade carbon credits. Global warming is a hoax and al gore is a charletan. And that makes you doops.

For a look at another global-warming skeptic, read "The Skeptic," Alan Prendergast's 2006 profile of professor Bill Gray.

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