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Reader: Here are 4 Options to Deal With High Rent — But You May Not Like Them

The topic of high rent prices in Denver continues to be one of the hottest topics among our readers.

A recent Comment of the Day in which a reader argued that the pricey rent will cause the real estate bubble to burst is a case in point.

A post offering four options to deal with high rent prices — and chiding complainers who failed to purchase a home when the costs were more reasonable — caused an explosion of additional conversation.

Find out why by reading it below.

Erik Johnsen writes:
If you don't want to pay it, you don't have to. There are many options to fix a high rent situation: 1. Roommates. 2. Not live in the most expensive area. 3. Move to where you think rent is cheap. 4. Second job.

Entitled people, entitled people everywhere. You all had the option to buy when it was cheap and chose not to, that's the landlords fault? I'm sorry for the young generation, but supply and demand drive prices. There is one way to get the prices down and that's to not pay it.
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