Reader: Here Are Five Things That Will Kill You Faster Than My Cigarette Smoke

A recent Comment of the Day from a person who said public cigarette smoking was worse than public pot smoking sparked a lot of agreement from many readers, as well as push-back from those who still love their cigs.

Here's a memorable example.

dyjital writes:

I live in Downtown Denver and I walk to work. You know what I'm ingesting? All the disgusting car exhaust that's belching into the atmosphere from all the yuppies who drive through my neighborhood, cuz they all have to live 2 hours away from where they work and commute everywhere. Which, by the way increases my chances of having lung cancer by close to 20% whether I smoke or not. You know what is a bigger threat to your health than my cigarette smoke? Your job, drunk drivers, pharmaceuticals in your water supply, many of the plastics used in children's toys and people who don't vaccinate their children. Those are what you should really worry about. You're more likely to catch lung cancer sitting in your overpriced car in a traffic jam for an hour on I-70 than you are standing near me, (voluntarily I might add), for five minutes at a damn bus stop.

Send your story tips to the author, Michael Roberts.For more memorable takes, visit our Comment of the Day archive.

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