Reader: Here's Why Marijuana Should Be Taxed Less Than Alcohol

William Breathes's post about the reasons why medical marijuana caregivers are in the state government crosshairs continues to generate comments — and the frustration over this topic is spilling into other areas.

For example, the taxes placed on cannabis.

This reader feels that marijuana should actually have a lower tax rate than does alcohol, and provides a rationale for why.

Here's his take.

Scott Cheatham writes:

Let's start with greed. Oh wait, that is ALL that drives this. Taxation on this product is gouging at best and robbery at worst and I don't even use the stuff but why is it that we are taxing this at a much higher rate than alcohol? When you consider the cost to cities for alcohol abuse (increased police, family counseling, death, etc.), you would think that taxes would be different. Once again, tax this like alcohol and keep your grubby hands out of people's pockets.... Oh and while we're at it, show me again how the tax money is being used for education? I moved here from Missouri and the line of crap we were fed there to allow Riverboat gaming was the same and now, it's not even an issue where the money goes from gambling. The kids barely get anything. Greedy politicians....narcissism at its finest....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.