Reader: I Am All for Marijuana Legalization, But Consumers Must Obey Law

Reader: I Am All for Marijuana Legalization, But Consumers Must Obey Law

Here in Colorado, adult possession of marijuana in small amounts has been legalized. In plenty of other states, however, possession remains against the law, and violators face potentially massive penalties, including years in jail. For example, a quartet of young men recently pulled over in Missouri and caught allegedly transporting cannabis products from Colorado are facing a felony charge that could put them behind bars for seven years - for distribution and delivery of fewer than five grams of marijuana.

That's a harsh sentence, but stories like this also are giving Colorado consumers a bad name, says Jessica Love. 

I am all for marijuana legalization, but we responsible consumers have GOT to stop letting these outliers write the story for us. I don't buy illegally, and I believe anyone who does so in Colorado and gets caught absolutely should pay the price. It's frustrating we cannot transport it to other states, but we all still need to follow the laws.

Do you think Coloradans need to be more careful? Or are states around Colorado just going overboard in enforcing outmoded laws?

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