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Reader: I Don't Want Pot Edibles to Turn My Kids Into Midget Cheech and Chongs

A lot of folks who commented on our post about the State of Colorado's suggestion that marijuana edibles be stamped with a red stop sign emblazoned with the letters "THC" scoffed at the notion.

Not all of them, though.

The following reader sees this as a great idea and describes why in colorful detail — including a reference to "midget Cheech and Chongs."

Here's what he had to say.

Dan Casebolt writes:
As one of the responsible parents out there I think this is a great idea. Anything to help us "responsible parents" from turning into "helicopter parents" is a good thing in my book.

You can have your edibles locked up tight at home or not have any in your home at all but what about outside the home? If I go over to a family member or friend's house who doesn't have kids these might be left out in the open. Maybe it's a jar full of gummy edibles or a bowl of THC lollypops. My friend, not having kids, takes it out of the child proof wrapper so it's easy to get to and forgets about it. Now if I swing by to say "hey" and hang for a bit with my kids in tow I don't have to worry. I see the Stamped THC edibles on the coffee table or kitchen counter and I ask him\her to put them up while I'm there. No harm, no foul and no stoned kids. What's the down side?

Having a standard stamp on edibles making them easily identifiable gives me an opportunity to also teach my kids that if they see this they shouldn't eat it and tell an adult so it can be put away. I think it's a win-win really. You all get your edibles and I get help making sure my kids don't turn into midget Cheech and Chongs.

Some of these comments are making me re-think supporting this whole legalize it movement. I have no problem supporting your right to purchase and use cannabis if it's done in a responsible way. Complaining about how we make those products more identifiable and safer for kids is not responsible, it's selfish.
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