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Reader: I Own a Subaru Outback and I Admit I Can Be an Ass on the Road

Amid our recent snowstorm, we shared a vintage post naming the top ten cars whose drivers can be jerks on icy roads.

Among those who responded was a reader who didn't own doesn't own any of the vehicles on our list — but confessed to being jerky behind the wheel on occasion.

However, he feels another group of drivers is an even bigger problem during major weather events.

Here's his take. Note that we've omitted his name out of gratitude for his honesty.

A reader writes:
I happen to own a Subaru Outback and a Jeep Rubicon. I'll admit that I can be an ass, but the drivers who fail to install even the basic all season or quality snow tires, no matter what car they drive, are the real assholes on the road. They stall traffic, slide into you or the curb, they just don't give AF. I had to help winch out this Camaro driver because he was trying to make it up this hill on his stock tires.
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