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Reader: If You Carry a Gun Everywhere, You're Likely Too Unstable to Have One

The latest information about Noah Harpham, who killed three people before being gunned down by police, has stirred debate about the right to openly pack a firearm.

That's because one of Harpham's neighbors dialed 911 after seeing him walking around with a rifle before the shooting spree started — and she says the dispatcher told her there was nothing police could do because of open-carry laws.

The issue stirred passions aplenty among our readers.

Here's the take of someone with strong views about the kind of people who only feel comfortable going out in public if their holster is full.

John P. Koury writes:
Was walking into Walmart on 8th, two guys right ahead of me strapped with handguns. Mentioned it to the clerk, who started quoting open carry laws and said that it was their God given right. I walked out.

How does anybody know if these guys were robbers, thugs, angry punks or just bad-looking so called "good guys"? Open carry is nuts. If you are so paranoid that you think you have to carry a gun wherever you go, you probably are too unstable to have one.

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