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Reader: I'm calling bullsh*t on getting ticketed for saying f*ck!

Melanie Asmar's report about a man who received a disorderly conduct citation for saying "Fuck it" at a Sam's Club in Aurora incited a passionate response that's definitely giving the First Amendment a workout. Here's a case in point.

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Justin Kershman writes:

An off-duty cop grew balls on an old man for saying fuck! The pig refused to show his proper credentials as a law enforcement officer...the cop was in clear violation of the man's rights...I told a cop yesterday and I quote "I hope you get hit on that bike leaving me you piece of know I wasn't speeding fucktard" abd he didn't do shit! Cops are turning into sensitive little bitches with a Napoleon syndrome! The cop was outta line period! I've straight up cussed out cops and never got a ticket for foul language. I'm calling BULLSHIT!

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