Reader: James Mejia didn't need a deal to endorse Chris Romer

Political circles have been going round and round the last two days over James Mejia's endorsement of Chris Romer. But conspiracy theorists should take note of this comment from Andrew Hudson, former spokesman for Mayor Wellington Webb and an early and ardent Mejia supporter, who weighed in with this:

The emotions from supporters of the two candidates or even the cynics is not surprising.

There were a lot of folks surprised with James' endorsement, including myself, the treasurer on his campaign. But after talking at length with James, he convinced me why it was the right decision to make for him.

To Romer's credit, he approached James after the first election with specific ideas about how to incorporate some of James' key ideas he raised during his campaign. The team of folks Chris surrounded himself with at that meeting had done a lot of homework and presented a case that really convinced James that he could be a key part of the next 30 days. James really was convinced that Chris was genuinely willing to work with him as a partner.

Despite what some will say, James doesn't need another gig at City Hall. He's built an amazing career and has an equally as amazing future ahead of him and he's already been approached by a lot of folks to see where his interests lie. He's done practically everything at City Hall he's wanted to and while he won't rule out another job there, he wouldn't simply endorse someone because of a promise of that.

I know James is incredibly thoughtful and well-intentioned and throughout this campaign I've seen his integrity on display a lot -- both in public and behind closed doors, when he rejected suggestions from folks who tried to persuade him to do things which may have helped his campaign, but were simply were not the right things to do. Such is the nature of campaigns.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.