Reader: Jennifer Boynton's insurance nightmare is all-too familiar

Last week, Kyle Garratt shared an in-depth post about Jennifer Boynton, a Northglenn resident who's finally getting her life back together after a three-year-long insurance nightmare. Her problems, which accrued followed an accident involving a police officer, rang true to one reader, who lived through a similar situation.

Here's some of his hard-earned advice.

Exador3 writes:

This is how ALL insurance companies work. They are in the business to collect premiums, not pay out settlements. I tried to be "reasonable" with the insurance company when a woman hit my wife head-on. After a year of run-around, I contacted a lawyer. The insurance company successfully claimed that she couldn't have been hurt all that badly because we hadn't contacted a lawyer for so long. Then they dragged it out for 3 more years. We finally got a settlement to cover her pending medical bills and about $3000 extra. It's been ten years and she's still not back to where she was was medically. The article is right; the stress and delay just eats you up.

In a way, I don't blame the insurance companies, given the amount of FRAUD they have to deal with.

Sadly, the best thing you can do is LAWYER UP IMMEDIATELY. Remember, it's all a negotiation to them. Start out high, because odds are you'll end up settling for much lower.

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