Reader: Josephine Echols' tragic murder reflects poorly on gun laws

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The man who allegedly killed Josephine Echols outside her pastor-son's church this past Sunday was himself gunned down by an off-duty Denver Police officer, likely preventing further bloodshed. As such, the story that offers something to gun-rights activists and those who see these weapons as causing more heartbreak than they prevent. The following reader fits in the latter camp.

Robert Chase writes:

Aurora generates too many lurid crime stories, and this one is particularly tragic.

Something is very wrong in Aurora when Good Samaritans are gunned down while trying to render aid, and it is the same problem looming over every populated place in America. The operation of the Second Amendment did not safeguard the freedom of Josephine Echols to try to help the man who killed her. We are all victims of false collective beliefs which are harmful and thwart progress, and the notion that gun ownership ensures a civil society or keeps a tyrannical government at bay is demonstrably false.

We have the Second Amendment to the Constitution, and we also have the highest rates of gun violence among countries with a semblance of civil society. Guns kept as protection for the home are statistically more likely to kill a family member (through accident or impulsive violence) than a burglar. Champions of the Second Amendment and their weapons have done nothing to prevent the transformation of "the land of the free" into the world's leading jailer during my lifetime, and so their claims about guns preventing tyranny ring very hollow too.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.