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Reader: Leave Colorado and Legalize Marijuana Where You're From

A recent Comment of the Day inspired by a post about four young men from Missouri facing a possible seven-year-prison sentence after being caught with a small amount of Colorado marijuana found a reader sharing similar experiences of his own.

He described why he can't go home for two years because he was caught out of state with one gram of cannabis.

His account spurred a lively discussion about the contrast between marijuana laws in Colorado and most other places in the U.S.

This writer believes that rather than complaining about the rules and regs beyond state lines, visitors should try to work on changing them.

Joshua Adams writes:
Simply put, if you want pot where you're from, go the fuck back where you came from and legalize it there.

However, if you insist on coming to Colorado and trying to traffic cannabis out-of-state, be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Perhaps there should be a series of laws that are significantly more severe on everyone not from CO caught trying to remove pot from the state.


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