Reader: LGBT color guard at Veterans Day parade deserved to be treated as equals

It's not surprising that our post about the GLBT Color Guard being the first gay group allowed to march in Denver's Veterans Day parade would attract some hateful commentary.

Here's one reader's attempt to offer an antidote.

Miguel writes:

Ya know what I love? Facts. Based off data and polling. Done in this century:


So, the basic tenet of your argument, that a majority of America view homosexuality as a sin, or wrong, is crumbling. Especially telling is what we all know to be true, which is the younger generation is more accepting of gay people. The old way of bigotry is, quite literally, dying off.

And to clarify, your perception that gays are pedophiles is something out of the 1970's, where 70% of Americans thought gays were pedos. (They also classified homosexuality as a mental illness, which they don't anymore.) The polling from 1999 showed only 19% shared that belief, so people realized gay does not mean pedo. The research from the past decade shows that a majority of pedophiles are straight, white men: http://www.sabes.org/resources...

But if you don't like homosexuality, don't be gay.

And yes, we have an agenda; equal rights. Sorry if you have a problem with that. On second thought, no, I'm not sorry about that. Not whatsoever.

And those LGBT veterans were no different than any other group of men and women in uniform marching in that parade. They were just there.

You don't have to accept gays, but those veterans and active duty personnel will still be serving to preserve this representative democracy.

If you want to attack veterans, go ahead; see how far that will get you.

And that's all the energy I'm gonna spend on ya. We won't be bothered by your trolling.

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