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Reader: Marijuana-grow-danger study actually an argument for legalization

Last week, we spoke with the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area's Tom Gorman, who defended a study purporting to show the dangers of marijuana grows. But after reading about mold and more at the thirty grows analyzed, one reader saw the data as an argument for pot legalization, not against it.

nemopunk15 writes:

In my mind this study is a huge boost for the Legalization argument.

Q:Why are people who have no idea what they are doing trying to grow Marijuana in their basement?

A: Because its illegal. or because they just got their medical card and have never even thought about growing a plant indoors before.

Legalization is the only thing that gets Marijuana out of the basements and out in the fields and green houses where it belongs. Notice how they had no examples of a large regulated medical grow with mold problems? i did.

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