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Reader: Marijuana Legalization Is the Best Way to Hurt Mexican Cartels

We recently wrote about the falling value of marijuana in Mexico, which is being attributed to the liberalization of cannabis policies in the United States — and especially in Colorado.

As a result, some farmers are reportedly shifting resources away from pot and toward poppies, as a result of the growing demand for heroin in America.

Our post inspired plenty of commentary, including a post by the following reader. who sees the historical precedent in the latest developments.

Here's what he had to say.

A Chris Heismann writes:
Isn't it interesting how just a couple years of legalization has done more to hurt the cartel's profit margins than the previous 40 years of the so called war on drugs?

In fact, it's exactly the same sort of thing we saw with organized crime and alcohol during Prohibition — the most effective way to stop the criminals running alcohol turned out to be legalizing it again.

There is a powerful lesson there that we should all learn.

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