Reader: Marijuana Smokers All Think They Drive Better High
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Reader: Marijuana Smokers All Think They Drive Better High

The first item on this week's Cannabis Calendar pertained to a company dedicated to helping couples create the ultimate stoner wedding.

This concept proved surprisingly contentious among our readers.

One thread featured a debate about whether criticizing a marijuana-themed wedding was justified when so many ceremonies are awash in alcohol.

Here's one writer's distinction between the two types of events.

Bret Reynolds writes: 

Having a bar at a wedding is not the same as building the WHOLE wedding around marijuana. When I got married, we did it at a hotel and asked our guests that if they were going to be drinking that they either have a room booked at the hotel or to have a safe ride in place. Most marijuana smokers would not take the time to do so because they all think they drive better high. SMDH.

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