Reader: Medical marijuana dispensaries & caregivers shouldn't be arguing about money

Our post about the passage of a measure banning medical marijuana retail operations in Fort Collins has become a forum for a heated cyber-conversation that's touched on dollars and cents as well as sinsemilla.

One reader is frustrated by the sniping.

Crazy Horse writes:

from a new resident to the state i am in shock at all the arguing and fighting against each other over something that is supposed to be here to help people, not try to screw each other over on the profits. caregivers and dispensaries bickering back and forth all over the DOLLAR!

leave it to the human race to take something given from the earth meant to help mankind and twist it until mankind has warped it with his ideologies. his need to control and profit overtake the miserable creature that searches for happiness believing it lies with the bottom line.

and the mmj industry bashes big pharm for doing the same thing..looking out for their bottom line, not the patient. jackals.......

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