Reader: Medical marijuana should be outlawed so can people can get their drugs from gangs

Sarcasm can be an art form if wielded properly -- and one reader used this tool to do some damage this week.

The post in question recently popped up on our interview with Representative Tom Massey about clean-up legislation for the medical marijuana industry.

ScrewMMJ writes:

Thank GOD for Rep Massey getting things under control. Those crazy MMJ businesses, trying to create jobs, utilize otherwise useless real estate and generally become productive tax paying business owners.

I for one would prefer that MMJ be completely eliminated, that way people can go back to getting their drugs the old fashioned way, from gangs and pushers. As everyone knows MMJ was a farce to move the legalization movement forward, screw that, BACK UNDERGROUND YOU GO! You didn't want to pay taxes or support your local economy anyway, did you?

I also support a repeal of the decriminalization of marijuana, lets give those prison contractors as many patients, oops, I mean prisoners as they can handle. Line their pockets at the expense of an individuals future and freedom.

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