Sammy Pickel and his girlfriend, Suzette Meacham.
Sammy Pickel and his girlfriend, Suzette Meacham.

Reader: Nobody Should Die Because They're Drunk and Out of Line

Our post about the decision not to charge a bouncer whose chokehold killed Sammy Pickel at Lodo's Bar & Grill in Westminster last month got our readers talking.

Opinions were split about whether the bouncers acted appropriately under the circumstances.

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In addition, comments shared by 17th Judicial District DA Dave Young were also parsed — particularly his suggestion that he might have prosecuted the bouncer had he maintained the hold on Pickel for ten minutes rather than the estimated less than three.

Here's one strong response.

Amanda Barton writes:

Nobody should die because they are drunk and out of line.. You're a bouncer at a bar, not a prison guard. "If it had been 10 minutes we would have thought differently." After 2 mins of being passed out, brain damage begins and worsens every minute thereafter.. Real awesome answer. Go ahead and choke someone for 3 minutes, because only after 10 it's murder.

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