Reader: Occupy Denver needs to come up with a real action plan...or hibernate until spring

Has Occupy Denver finally worn out its welcome? If twelve inches of snow aren't enough to discourage the last of the protesters in Civic Center Park, the backlash over the trash in the park, the fires in the park and heckling the mayor at a vigil for the homeless who died this past year might convince the occupiers it's time to hibernate.

Says Occupy This:

Last bit of advice on this topic: Print these last few WW and Denver Post blog comments and take them down to the General Assembly for everyone to see how public sentiment has turned against them. Maybe it will inspire somebody to create an action plan or to stand up and lead. At least somebody might actually learn something. I can't physically come to GA meetings, but tell them I said to GET ORGANIZED and PLAN FOR SPRING! Anyone that suggests any other course of action does not have the best interests of the Occupy movement at heart, IMHO. Not only are you losing the petty battles you have chosen to fight, you are LOSING THE WAR. The much better organized and better funded and more experienced OCCUPY WALLSTREET group that started this movement is not fighting to camp in Zuccotti Park anymore. They have moved on to ORGANIZING and PLANNING FOR SPRING PROTESTS! No sense freezing your nuts off now. Save your energy for the big protests this Spring.

What should be the next move for Occupy Denver? Occupy Denver is about to mark its three-month anniversary. See Kelsey Whipple's photo story of the two-month anniversary here.

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