A Facebook photo of Sammy Pickel.
A Facebook photo of Sammy Pickel.

Reader: Partying & Getting Drunk Aren't Worth the Risk to Me and Loved Ones

We received a lot of response to our report about Sam Pickel, who lapsed into a coma and died after a bouncer allegedly put him in a chokehold.

Many of those who weighed in used the tragedy to share stories about past problems with bouncers.

But this reader viewed the incident as a cautionary tale in regard to the possible consequences of tying one on.

Here's what he had to say.

Matt Schmitt writes:

This is very sad, but something to think about for all you drinkers. What good can possibly come out of getting drunk or even going out for drinks? I understand the need to cut loose, and I've had my share of drinks in the past, but my experiences have brought me to the realization that a few hours of fun is not worth the danger I put myself and my loved ones into by going out to party.

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