Reader: People Whining About Denver's High Rent Should Get Out There and Hustle

Our post about a woman who says her family has been made homeless by Denver's high rent prices prompted an avalanche of commentary. Many of those who weighed in agreed that the cost of rent is outrageous. But this reader offers a different perspective and suggests that complaining isn't productive.

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DarlingCR writes:

I see a lot of whining here... Talk to me when you've lived in NYC with 3 other roommates making less than a full-time Walmart employee.... That requires hustle.

The best thing about hustle is... it makes you grow.... Suddenly, you're no longer worrying about having to pay SEVEN HUNDRED/Month in rent because you worked your ass off and now can hustle towards buying some damn land....

There are options people.... Roommates, not trusting the listings on Craigslist, asking your boss for a raise (after drafting an intelligent proposal as to why).... Figure it out!

As someone who lived in the most expensive city in the world with a shit job and no financial assistance... IT CAN BE DONE!

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