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Reader: Peter Boyles is missed and we want him back

The drumbeat continues on behalf of Peter Boyles, who was forced out from his longtime morning-show perch at KHOW following an incident with his longtime producer. Among the comments affixed to a roundup of the most memorable Peter Boyles posts on Westword is the following take, from a reader who wants the host to make a comeback.

RogerRam writes:

Sure kick a guy when he is down. Listening to Peter for so long I am sure he may be down, but he is not out. Peter did more for presenting the other side of the issue that just about anyone else in town. Love him or hate him it was always great radio.

I don't know why it appears that people that disliked what he had to say would listen to him, but from reading the comments apparently they did!

I listened to Peter for over 15 years and enjoyed and agreed with most of what was said. I sure miss him in the mornings and hope he is doing well.

Hopefully Westword will do an article on what he is currently doing and if he has any future plans that he can talk about. The fact is, no one cares about the incident that happened (OK a couple of wacko monkey butts probably do, but who cares about them). We just care about getting him back.

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