Reader: Peter Boyles proves you can be conservative and intellectually honest...or an idiot

What radio station are you listening to right now? If you have the radio on at all, odds are good that it's tuned to 630 AM, where Peter Boyles is not just beating the competition, but crushing it. But last week's report on KHOW's great early-morning numbers didn't surprise some readers.

Here's the take from Pete Zeigler:

I like how Mr. Boyles shows that one can be conservative AND intellectually honest. For example, his stance on gay marriage is well thought out, based on the sound observation that being gay is a natural condition people are BORN with. He proves it is possible to love your country and accept the world for what it truly is, without blinders.

Today's conservative is nothing like the red-neck caricature perpetuated by the "progressive" zealot. I am convinced Pete is better read than the most dust covered literary snob. The left simply can't come to grips with that, it simply does not jive with their bigoted view that only they can be educated and rational. Pete proves daily that the inverse is actually true. That the left is driven by emotion far more than intellect. He "gets it". People are drawn to that in a time when so much around us is bullshit.

He speaks to the reason and sanity that multiple decades on this earth can bring, yet still holds a schoolboy fascination and admiration of the street toughs and rough around the edges characters of his urban youth. He seems just at home near the wrestling ring or motorcycle gang, as he is sitting quietly alone absorbing contemporary or ancient wisdom. The dude is a freakin' renaissance man.

To me, he is IS the modern conservative. And when the shit hits the fan, I want to standing on his side of things.

But then there's this from A Denver Resident:

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Ugh - the daily sausage-fest that is Boyles' show is an embarrassment to tin-foil hat wearers everywhere. Pete honestly believes he's all knowing about all the BS he makes up and finds guests, from World Nut Daily no less, to back up his crazy-assed conspiracies. His new face hasn't helped his show - he's as ugly on the inside as ever. It was great when Glenn Beck followed Pete - you couldn't tell where the local idiocy ended and the national idiocy began.

Decide for yourself if Boyles's show is a boon or an embarrassment or a boon. It runs until 9 a.m. today and every weekeday at 630 AM.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.