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Reader: Police brutality videos are concerned citizens' best defense against more abuse

Patricia Calhoun's post about the ACLU's "Police Brutality is Killing Us" campaign -- a movement inspired by beating cases like the one involving Alex Landau -- sparked a number of strong comments. Take this one, in which a reader encourages witnesses to law-enforcement violence to pull out their cell phones.

Nickzane writes:

First off...Thank You for all the Concerned Citizens who break out their portable camera phones and video these massive abuses that are indeed spreading. Police Brutality is up nearly 30% since 911...911 which is the achilles heel to so much of what is wrong with the world today. (that is the abuses, senseless wars, heightened paranoia and the police state/surveillance society that has emerged) I believe the "WAR" on terror is a hoax and simply a pretext to continue empire building which benefits only the elite these days. In fact we the people are paying for their empire building.

Every time one of these video surfaces of police abuse and brutality I encourage every single person to call the police station (where the event happened) and demand action. We are allowing so much nonsense in America because we are not voicing our opinion. We are simply standing by while they destroy our rights, the constitution and this country. Perhaps it is out of fear, numbness or whatever the cannot continue. Take Action Today. I know I am.

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