The 12th Pack by Seattle's Solstice.
The 12th Pack by Seattle's Solstice.

Reader: Pot Should Be Available Wherever Alcohol and Tobacco Is Sold

Police believe a recent home invasion in Golden in which a middle-school teacher was critically wounded happened because three suspects looking for $10,000 in drugs and cash went to the wrong address.

Initial reports didn't specify that the drug in question was marijuana, but plenty of those who responded to our post about the incident assumed that it was.

And that launched a debate among our readers about whether the proliferation of cannabis in Colorado can be blamed for the crime and others like it.

This one thinks the problem isn't too much access and availability, but not enough. Here's his take. 

Mark Bromley writes:

That's just the obvious crime due to over-priced legalized pot narcotics. The real crime is the over-priced pot and the drug mafia cartels running that evil empire in Colorado. If pot was legal, it should be sold in every store that has tobacco and alcohol products like a pack of smokes. 20 j's to a pack for $3.50 at most. After all, the plant grows faster than its demand.

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