An image from a portion of the billboard.
An image from a portion of the billboard.
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Reader: Reefer Madness Can Turn Pot Smokers Into Meth Heads

We recently posted about an anti-marijuana billboard near Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Its message about the increased potency of Colorado cannabis is underscored by a photo of a child and the question, "Mom, is today's Pot a hard drug?"

Marijuana reformer Mason Tyvert called this message irresponsible, arguing that marijuana is as dangerous as substances such as heroin (when he contends that it's actually safer than alcohol) could push young people into trying the hard stuff rather than inspiring them to stay off weed.

This reader agrees.

Nate Mulder writes:

The "rush to commercialize pot" has been going on since the '60s. Marijuana, even today, is scientifically proven to be safer than alcohol, even when driving under the influence. Comparing marijuana to hard drugs is what lead us down the path to legalization. This is the D.A.R.E. program in all its failed misery. Comparing weed to other hard drugs tells kids that when they try marijuana and don't die or have major negative side effects, then the same will be true for heroin, or meth, or crack. Thanks for creating a bunch of meth heads, anti-marijuana billboard!

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