Reader: Riding the Bus Isn't Safe Anymore
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Reader: Riding the Bus Isn't Safe Anymore

We recently showcases samples from a guide to driving in Denver, as written by a longtime local.

Among his assertions: "The sooner you realize that everyone else is either an idiot, an asshole, or legally blind in this town, the sooner you can make the decision to buy a bike, leave it at home, and ride the bus."

Some commenters seconded this emotion.

But this one has had bad experiences on Denver buses, as she relates below.

Shannon Ernst writes:

I'd still feel safer in a car then a bike. People almost run u over on them. Or a bus — seriously, the bus is not safe anymore. I can't count how many times as a teenager I saw fights on it. Almost got jumped for no reason or if I had a long ride and tried to nap and tried to rest.... I once woke up with a bum sitting right next to me in the back mumbling words at me. I freaked out n got off. So I'm good. I'll keep my car n deal with assholes cutting me off.

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