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Reader: Smoking Pot in Public Is Getting Out of Control

Our recent post about the back-and-forths between marijuana advocates and pot haters over crime statistics was subsequently supplemented by an online conversation that went into many different areas. In the example below, two readers debate whether public smoking has become more prevalent since limited recreational cannabis sales became legal.

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Liz Lemonds writes:

I do notice a lot of people smoking out in public, especially at events like the People's Fair and Pride. Come on, folks, knock it off. You give everyone else a bad name.
Angelica VonBeerstein writes:
People have been smoking in public and at those events long before it was legalized. No one is giving anyone else a bad name by doing so....
Liz Lemonds writes:
Not at this level. I have lived here over 40 years, and I've never seen anything like last year. Last year at Pride, it was all-pervasive. You couldn't escape it, anywhere

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